Kevin Welch

Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA

I am an experienced engineer with a background developing APIs and embedded software. Here you can learn about some of my projects and background.

More coming soon...

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Libellis is a surveying and polling application I started with a friend. Currently, it is a REST API built with Node, Express, and PostreSQL. It uses PostGIS to implement a geofencing feature to give location data about survey and poll results. We built a command line tool to handle migrations. We use Travis CI and have maintained 97% test coverage. Current tasks include creating a microservice to handle the geofencing and refactoring our model classes to follow the repository pattern since we are not using an ORM.

Oct 2018 - Current

Course Report

This is a short role I took on to optimize Course Report's server load times and design a microservice REST API. The microservice was built with Node and Express to proxy requests between the mobile app and Course Report's Rails server. Resources from the Rails server were requested and cached by the mobile service once per day in order to improve load times and decouple the mobile platform. I also spent some time building the mobile frontend with React Native.

Nov 2018 - Dec 2018


Software Engineer

Meditab Software Inc.

I was on a small team of engineers building software and hardware for Dosepacker, a pharmacy automation robot.
• Developed software in Python and firmware in C and C++ for pharmacy automation robots
• Created an event logging system using Python, pySerial, MySQL, and Google Sheets API
• Created a high-performance search tool to search robot event logs in real time
• Designed and documented software tools to be used by the mechanical and electrical engineering teams to automate control system testing
• Contributed to a C++ command parser and state management system for Arduino
• Designed an Arduino library to asynchronously handle inputs at a ~15µs sample rate
• Developed the initial software and hardware for a line following robot car that laid the foundations for a complex conveyor car system
• Tested, designed, and assembled (surface mount and through hole) PCBs
• Trained and supervised a small team of interns

January 2015 - August 2018


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Relational Databases
  • Object Oriented & Domain Drive Design
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Agile Development & Scrum


National University

Bachelor's Computer Science - 120 Credits Complete
Expected 2020

Rithm School

Fullstack Web Development - 16 Week Coding Bootcamp
San Francisco, CA

American River College

Computer Science
Sacramento, CA